Once the tour details has been confirmed after discussion with our executives, and you have finalised the tour with your guests, email us your final confirmation with your service voucher, and on that basis we will issue the invoice and tentatively book your service in the selected places.
To confirm the service formally you need to make an initial advance of 50% of the total amount at the time of booking, Remaining 50% of total package cost to be deposited 07 days before the tour starts.
Option 1: Bank transfer through ICICI / Axis or HDFC
If you have an ICICI / Axis or HDFC bank account you can also transfer the money online with the above details. Otherwise you can go to any ICICI / Axis or HDFC bank or ATM in your locality to drop the cheque. You can also pay the advance in cash at any ICICI / Axis or HDFC bank in India between 8AM to 8 PM. 
Option 2: Online transfer through secure link
We would send you a secure link from our account. All you have to do is to pay 50% of the total amount in equivalent INR/US$ with your credit card. Please note in this payment there is an additional 4% Bank processing charge on the total amount transferred.
The account details follow:
1. Banker – ICICI Bank, A/C Holder Name: Alpine Nature Beyond Pvt. Ltd, A/C No: 020805001772, Branch: Sevok Road Siliguri, IFSC Code: ICIC0000208 Or
2. Banker – HDFC Bank, A/C Holder Name: Alpine Nature Beyond Pvt. Ltd, A/C No: 05282320000256, Branch: S F Road Siliguri, IFSC Code: HDFC0000528
Banker – Axis Bank, A/C Holder Name: Alpine Nature Beyond Pvt. Ltd, A/C No: 549010200002141, Branch: S.F Road, Siliguri, IFSC Code: UTTB0000549
You may transfer money by cheque, online transfer, bank draft and other modes, but we do not accept cash deposite.
Once you transfer any amount please inform us the details (transaction/Cheque number, amount, branch, date etc) and we will confirm the service. Once we receive transfer confirmation from our bank (within one to two working days), we will send you the money receipt.

Note: The offered service will be tentatively booked for a maximum period of 3 working days (unless specified otherwise). Tripsy will not be responsibility for loss of booking due to delayed payment.

Please note that tripsy does not work on credit. In case the entire tour due is not cleared before the start of the tour, tripsy will not be able to arrange for the services.

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