How to read the package tariff

1) The left most column describes 7 different types of package we offer. Starting from Budget to Luxury packages. In the first 4 package types default meal plan is CP in the remaining cases it is MAP.
2) The tariff mentioned are on per person basis for group size mentioned on the top of the column. Say a classic package costs 25000 for 4 people, it means total cost is 25000 X 4 = 1,00,000
3) For the odd person (3rd, 5th, 7th or 9th person). The extra bed cost must be added. In the example above if there are 5 persons, and the extra bed cost for classic package is 10,000. Then the total cost would be 1,00,000 (as mentioned above) + 10,000 for the extra person.
4) In case of the 5th person, there would be another cost involved which is given in the last row of second table.
5) The odd person would be accommodated in an extra mattress / bed in a double bedded room.
6) If there is a child accompanying a couple and aged between 5 to 12 years, "Child with bed" or "child no bed" cost must be added depending on whether the child requires extra bed or not. In case of child above 12 years, full extra bed charge has to be added. For child upto 5 years of age, the tour is complimentary when each child is accompanied by 2 adults.

Rules regarding vehicle
7) The default cost is based on the assumption that upto 3 heads would be travelling in a small car (1 Indica for transfer and 1 Maruti van for sight seeing). Groups between 4 to 9 by would be traveling by 01 Sumo / Bolero / Max or similar vehicle and local sight seeing would be in 01 Maruti Van for upto 4 heads, 02 Maruti vans for 5-8 heads and 03 Maruti van for 9 heads. However this can be changed by incurring additional costs as given in the second table. The cost mentioned here are for one vehicle and not on per head basis. So for example if a group of 4 wants to travel in Innova instead of Sumo, then the corresponding Innova replacing Sumo cost has to be added to total tour cost.